capsheet brai rooled roof flat roof ponding
Build up ponding roof
reinforcing polyester fabric
White reflective roof
Residential customer value:

    -  Lower installation costs compared to conventional roofing.

    -  Reduced heat on the roof surface and interior living space.

    -  Clean roof (reduced algae and mold growth).

    -  Homeowner can maintain roof post-installation.

-  Cleaning the roof is easier.

-  Extend the life of the roof by installing more material.

Commercial customer value:

    -  Lower installation costs compared to conventional roof.

    -  Lower operation costs of climate control in common areas.

    -  Roof coatings are considered a maintenance, not a new roofing system.

    -   Investment can be expensed in the same year, not ammortized over the      expected life.(consult your tax advisor).

Silicone roof coatings have taken center stage here in Hawaii. Silicone has taken all of the advantages of elastomeric coatings and added the durability of an oil based material. When installed professionally, a roof coated with silicone can last twice as long as a roof with a traditional bitumen (rolled roofing). Silicone is a true hydrophobic material, meaning that water does not bond to or penetrate thru it.

Great was the day of the elastomeric, but silicone is here to stay!
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